Research Report: “Microsoft: 20 Brand Advocate Lessons”

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Advocates-are-Brand-Defenders 8000 volunteer brand advocates, defending, promoting and supporting with a passion. Long before Social Media became fashionable, Microsoft has been skillfully using brand advocates to help them in product innovation, customer support and engaging with communities. With thousands of advocates spread across programs such as the MVP Program, the Regional Director Program, Community Contributors, it uses the help of this volunteer force to help it’s customers. Three fundamental principles drive this massive growing band of advocates.

Testimonial - Abhishek Kant – Community Program Manager, Microsoft India The report covers the advocate program comprehensively. It gives a 360 degree view of all advocate programs from Microsoft (including the important aspect of non-profit organisations like INETA, GITCA & PASS in supporting the community). It gives strategic and tactical insight into the advocacy programs.

“20 Brand Advocate Lessons learnt from Microsoft”

Read this $1000 value exclusive report, made available for free, to learn the fundamental principles which you can apply to leverage brand advocates in your business. Explore twenty tactical ways Microsoft works with their brand advocates.   Open Research This research report was 100% funded by Communities R Us and published under the principle of Open Research. The report is intended for you to read, utilize, and share with others. We ask that you provide attribution to Communities R Us.

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